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If you've never been lost, you will never find a place called home


So, I decided to share my story with anyone who is motivated to read it :)

About two years ago, I just wanted to wake up as someone else, someone who was actually living her dream.

Why? The big 3-0 was about to bring me nothing. No job, no place to live and the cherry on top: I was recently dumped.

But, Instead of waking up with a bunch of courage to pursue my dreams... I woke up in a hospital. I just escaped death.…

Without knowing I have a rare


from a emergency heart operation due by the fact that I have a very


The following period was madness: recovering, rethinking, re-adjusting, rebooting. I had to reinvent the new me. 


I realised giving up dreaming equals giving up living. So, despite all the restrictions that come with the new me, I found a way to chase my dreams. And trust me, it scares the crap out of me.

What is my dream? I guess my dearest friends know that I can become anxious from time to time because 


because I'm not working on something that has an impact. Every other day, I wake up feeling that I'm chased by a angry bird screeming that I'm still not working on something meaningful. I've always tried to create a path for myself to 



First of making an impact. It doesn't have to be world changing, it can also be a little thing that makes the world a little bit better. Working on projects, for a company or collaborate in new initiatives 


I've been living in Amsterdam for over five years, and my entire life in The Netherlands.

I do feel extremely at home, nevertheless I imagening living my life in one country makes me feel like


cannot imagine a life where I djust have been living in one country while there is so much more to see. The feeling that borders are distan

 and I feel extremely at home. Nevertheless, I keep thinking about all those other places, with different cultures, different habits, different people. I just have an extremly strong feeling that I just cannot get old 



i get quite restless thinking about a life where i just have been living in the same country. There is so much more in the world to see, feel and experience. There is such an extreme 

After I saved some money I quite my job in the film industry, a kept one job I could do remotely, and decided to start a side project while traveling around Europe. Why Europe? Well, it helps our project Whisk and it 

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