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Let ideas & 

knowledge flow freely

across borders



exchanging ideas, knowledge & perspective

 is bringing me beyond the obvious.

 It gives me the opportunity to disrupt my own concepts and create something better together, something meaningful.

I’m a strategic thinker who believes in the power of

storytelling, a self-starter who likes to get things done.

With the design thinking tools I like to facilitate

creativity and develop ideas into business



I'd like to contribute to impactful initiatives or start my own.

Scroll down to see what I'm working on:

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Work & Travel Map
Handpicked workation trails

An increasing amount of freelancers are on the road to work and travel at the same time. We believe in a future where individuals or (part of) teams from every company can work remotely. At least temporarily. Breaking our daily routines can open up our minds, energise our body and boost our creativity! We provide ready-to-use work & travel trails, to make it easy for solotravellers or teams to escape the office and find inspiration beyond borders.


> research, prototype, content, web design

Meaningful education

BDF Advies encourages schools to integrate ‘21th century skills'. Students come up with innovative solutions for problems of existing companies. 

BDF Advies is developing is a Dutch network: Rebelleer, of educational experts who not only exchange their experiences but also share actual teaching materials in order to create meaningful education.


2018-12-10 09.41.16.jpg
BDF Advies
> communication & business advice

Connecting professionals

We believe that a free flow of cultures, ideas and knowledge is needed to bring us forward in solving today’s challenges. will encourage impactful professionals to exchange experiences and knowledge across borders. We enable individuals and companies to easily find and connect with like-minded professionals all over the world. Open up borders! 

Global hackathon 

around UN Sustainable Development Goals

Re-science aims to empower entrepreneurs with the academic knowledge they need to build changemaking startups: no knowledge should go to waste! Re-science gives digital access to understandable, visual and therefore inspiring scientific knowledge that can help business grow.


> concept development, research, prototype 
> concept development
Hi you,
Cool that you made it this far!

I'm always in for new projects! like to chat, collaborate, create, share? Let's connect.


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